Family entrepreneurs and family-owned businesses

With their unique business tradition and the aims of family shareholders, family-owned businesses often find themselves facing different challenges than listed companies or businesses with institutional anchor investors.

In addition to advice on tax issues, related in particular to the planning of generational transitions, we focus on corporate governance advice.

We are experienced in establishing and advising German and non-German (family) foundations/trusts, including the transfer of shares or partnership interest to such foundations/trusts.

As expending and securing the family-owned business is only one (important) part of the aim of entrepreneurial families, we also offer integrated advice regarding other investments and with respect to the drafting of wills, inheritance contracts, and marriage contracts as well as similar agreements specific to the private life of an entrepreneurial family.

Private Clients

Advising high-net-worth individuals who do not (or no longer) own an operating company requires considerable experience.

Our professionals have many years of experience in the legal and tax structuring of assets and sale processes. We focus our advice on investments with long-term returns and on safeguarding the family wealth. Measures to achieve this goal are, among others, the establishment and management of family funds, the structured and, if necessary, successive transfer of assets to the next generation or to family trusts and foundations, as well as tax planning for cross-border changes of residency. Trusted and experienced financial service providers are involved in the implementation.

External tax audits and tax proceedings

We represent clients in all phases of disputes with financial and customs authorities. We are at our client’s side from the accompaniment of complex tax audits, support in or the conduct of objection procedures to the judicial assertion of legal positions. In particular, we represent clients in court proceedings before fiscal courts and the Federal Fiscal Court. Moreover, we have experience with proceedings before the Federal Constitutional Court, the European Court of Justice, and the European Court of Human Rights.

Financing and financial assets

Entrepreneurial families both invest and demand capital.

We advise on the acquisition, sale, and personal and third-party use of real assets (e.g.: real estate, aircrafts and ships). Further, we advise on the structuring of individual capital market investments and (family) funds.

We accompany and structure bonds as well as equity and debt capital instruments, including national and cross-border leasing structures. We also structure cash pools and international corporate finance companies.

Charitable Organisations

We have been advising various charitable foundations and non-profit corporations for many years and also have extensive experience in the establishment and tax recognition of charitable structures. Our professionals also act as directors, executives, or members of supervisory boards of such units in the interest of our clients.